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Jay Hadfield: Standout Student Chef

January 15, 2015 0 Comments

Jay Hadfield has been selected as Safran’s Standout Student Chef of the month!

Jay is a Junior (Grade 11) at Quaker Valley High School and has been selected due to his passion for cooking fresh, flavorful dishes. He began cooking when he was 3 years old and attributes his love for cooking to his mom (who keeps a bountiful garden) and his Gram.

His Well-Received Dishes:
– Pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, walnuts and parmesan cheese
– Sweet and savory roasted mixed nuts

Favorite Food:
Pear, arugula, pine nut and gorgonzola pizza

Least Favorite Food:

Culinary Speaking, His Motto Is:
Eat everything (once)

Breakfast This Morning:

Biggest Cooking Mishap:
Accidently using lemon juice instead of chicken broth in a risotto

Other Students Describe Jay’s Cooking as:
– “Over the top”
– “Chef like”

Fun Fact:
Jay dressed as Mario Batali for Halloween in fourth grade!

Honey Ginger French Toast:
– 1 slice of bread (Italian or French are best)
– 1 egg
– Milk equal to egg volume (Usually about 2 tbsp)
– Half a lemon
– 1 tsp freshly-grated ginger
– 2 tbsp honey

Beat together eggs and milk until smooth, then soak both sides of bread. Cook in a nonstick pan until both sides are browned and no longer soggy; will still be soft, but shouldn’t be dripping or too wet to the touch.

While the bread cooks, combine honey, ginger, and juice from the half of a lemon. Grate zest from the lemon half into the mixture (not much; shouldn’t take more than the lemon half can provide).

Remove toast from the pan and drizzle with the sauce. Freshly whipped cream and/or powdered sugar are great additions, however not necessary.

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